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So happy you are here...Have fun and get curious about your most valuable asset....Yes it's you! ME Resources is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive space to learn, connect, grow and share. Our intention is to provide Resources that allow you to delve deeper into who you are, who you want to be, and what’s getting in your way.
Often in our lives, we wake up one day and wonder How did I get here? ~ This is not what I intended for my life. Whether it’s lack of self confidence, anxiety, depression relationship challenges, limiting beliefs, or self sabotage, it’s time to work through it, understand its non-beneficial impact on your life; and then choose to move forward with a decision to create a more authentic and passion filled adventure.
What They Say
I am loving all the journals, resources and courses that are available online, all professionally pulled together. Journaling has allowed me to explore my own life experiences and self-understanding.

So happy I stumbled upon this site. ME Resources has allowed me to question what's really getting in my way to creating a life that is on my own terms.

I have been to a bunch of therapists, so many of them just throwing homework at me. These resources have allowed me to delve deeper into self-understanding and changing my negative self-talk into more positive. I highly recommend this site for discovering yourself.


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